Heat Pump Market Looks to Natural Refrigerants

The worldwide focus on renewable energy has ramped up interest in the reuse of existing heat energy in industrial processes, and that has major implications for natural refrigerants. “On the heat pump market, the trend is clearly towards using natural refrigerants,” said Eurammon executive board member, Thomas Spänich.  Read the source article at Eurammon

Natural Refrigerants: Current Developments and Trends

The decision as to which refrigerant should be used in a refrigerating or air-conditioning system is based on the major criteria of safety, costs and environment protection. But against the background of constantly increasing energy prices, the energy consumption of a system also plays an increasingly important role. Read the source article at Eurammon

European Industry Groups Set Up Low Emissions Taskforce

Following the UN Climate Summit, the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment has issued a pledge in which the European refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump industry commits to taking concrete, proactive action to facilitate the implementation of the EU F-gas Regulation. Read the source article at RAC Magazine

EIA Launches Energy Outlook Data Browser

The U.S. Energy Information Administration said it launched an improved interactive, online short-term energy outlook data browser that provides enhanced capabilities for analysis and visualization of historical and forecasted data. Read the source article at Refrigerated and Frozen Food

Building an Energy Efficient Cold Chain

According to a report, “Global Frozen Food Market Analysis by Products Type and by Geography—Trends and Forecasts (2010-2015),” the frozen food market will experience an expected growth rate from $218.41 billion in 2010 to $261.50 billion by 2015. Read the source article at Refrigerated and Frozen Food

U.S., India, Discuss HFC Cuts

With India and US committing to ramp up their efforts to combat climate change, Prime Minister Narendra Modi moved a step forward while accommodating US president Barack Obama’s demand to discuss the contentious issue of hydro-fluorocarbons and find ways to eventually phase-down this climate-damaging refrigerant.  Read the source article at article.wn.com

USDA Announces $122,000 in Renewable Energy, Efficiency Grants in South Carolina

The USDA announced USDA that it is investing in five renewable energy and energy efficiency, or REAP, projects in South Carolina. One ice cream manufacturer, the Happy Cow Creamery, said it will use a $40,821 REAP grant to install an energy efficient freezer within a thermally controlled building. Read the source article at article.wn.com

Naturally Cool: Film Tells the Story of Natural Refrigerants

A short film from European natural refrigerant organization, Eurammon, provides insights and information about the use of natural refrigerants. The film uses illustrations to explain how the use of natural refrigerants has developed, and their history since 2,000 BC. Read the source article at Process Cooling

Scottish Renewable Heating Seminar to Focus on Heat Pumps

Star Renewable Energy said it is preparing to attend the first event focused on deploying river source heat pumps in Scotland. The seminar, called “Harnessing Heat from Rivers” will focus on cutting edge developments being made in the water sourced heat pump sector, the company said. Read the source article at prweb.com

Taiwan Increases Focus on CO₂ and Ammonia

Danfoss Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Controls said it conducted an industrial refrigeration technical seminar in Taipei, Taiwan on August 26. The seminar focused on CO2 and ammonia in industrial refrigeration. Read the source article at ammonia21.com

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