IIAR Calls for Technical Papers, Announces New Schedule

The International Institute for Ammonia Refrigeration issued a “call for papers,” in preparation for its 2016 IIAR Industrial Refrigeration Conference & Exhibition and beyond.

IIAR implemented a new timetable for the development of technical papers, which will now begin about 18 months prior to each annual conference. The change is meant to provide authors more time to develop and produce technical papers, as well as provide ample time for peer reviews, editorial, and presentation efforts. 

Technical papers for the 2015 conference have been selected, but selection and development for conference years 2016 and forward is now taking place.  

IIAR is currently requesting proposals for technical papers, including Spanish-language technical papers. Abstracts that address any topic related to ammonia refrigeration are invited. However, papers that address specific topics will receive preferential consideration.

Specific topics of interest to IIAR include:

  • DX and/or Low Charge Ammonia Case Studies
  • Oil Management in CO2 Systems
  • Hot Gas Defrost Costs
  • Parameters Affecting Total Cost of Defrosting
  • Economic Analysis of Desiccant Dehumidifiers in the Anteroom
  • Energy Consumption of Various Arrangements of Evaporator Control Valve Groups 
  • Pipe and Vessel Inspection Criteria
  • Establishing Communication with Fire Service
  • Requirements of Emergency Action vs. Emergency Response
  • Developing Confidence in Team Training for Emergency Events
  • Verifying Adequacy of Training. 
  • Management: What to Look for During a Plant Walk-Through
  • Codes and Regulations from a Global Perspective (NH3 and other refrigerants).
  • Best Practices Managing OSHA and NEP Inspections
  • US Government Regulatory Strategy and Relationships
  • Regulatory Considerations for Small Charge Systems
  • Future Refrigerant Choices
  • Alternate Ventilation Design
  • Ammonia Equipment Outside the Machinery Room
  • Machinery Room Design
  • System Contaminant Removal (purging, non-condensables, and water)
  • Refrigerated Air Make-up Units (standards, safety and risk analysis)
  • Comparison of Relief Valves, Rupture Discs, and a combination thereof
  • Changes in IIAR-2
  • Mitigation Methods for Ammonia Releases
  • Trans critical CO2 clarifying ASHRAE 15 9.2.6 language
  • Review of Compliance Inspectors Check List Items

Technical papers should explore technical or regulatory topics that are substantiated by original research and development with documented references. Case studies should describe actual situations where actions, testing, or data accumulation are used to prove or demonstrate the outcome of applied methods, and could be reasonably applied to other similar situations. Promotion of products or companies or any other form of commercialism is prohibited.  

The IIAR recognizes that new technologies are often offered by only one or a few companies. In these cases, it might be obvious that a method or technology is unique to a company. However, authors must strive to describe the method or technology based on a neutral analysis.

The technical papers are a central part of the Institute’s annual meetings, representing a vital exchange of information within the field and serving as a forum for technical experts, engineers and operations managers as they address important issues within the industry.

Applicants are encouraged to submit Technical Papers via IIAR’s new online submission process. Click here to access IIAR’s Technical Paper submission portal.