California Public Utilities Commission Seeks Industry Participation in November Workshop

The California Public Utilities Commission said it needs the industry’s help in updating the industrial chapter of the Statewide Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan and in developing an Industrial Action Plan to meet the strategic goals identified in the plan. 

In a letter to industry leaders, the group said “Your involvement in this process will help us ensure that the strategies we consider will empower industry to improve its efficient use of energy and to further adopt clean energy sources.”

The Commission said it is currently meeting with industry representatives to: talk about competitive issues companies face and understand how energy plays a key role in those issues; identify and prioritize strategies for better energy management, and; involve industry in developing the teams that will drive action toward those strategies. 

CPUC said it will hold the last of three workshops November 12, 2014 in Stockton, California to meet with industry leaders interested in participating in its effort to produce the Industrial Action Plan.

The commission said key topics and questions to be discussed during the workshop include:

  • Trends that are driving the industrial sector now
  • The role that energy plays in maintaining competitiveness now and how companies are managing energy today. 
  • Barriers to improve energy management.
  • Future opportunities to manage energy.
  • Future barriers that could hinder energy management.

To attend the workshop, CPUC requested that interested parties register at: