Avoiding That “Oh No” Moment

Having well thought out and properly used operating procedures is important, but having good plans and people in place in case something goes wrong can make a world of difference.

Think back to your own past. Have you ever been doing something and all of a sudden you get this cold queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach and breakout in a cold sweat? Well here is one of those “oh no” moments and a great lesson learned.

This particular company put a lot of time and effort into developing good standard operating procedures, or SOP’s, and in training and documenting training of all of their refrigeration operators.

One of their SOP’s addressed oil draining. In order to do the oil draining procedure, the person had to not only understand the procedure, but be trained under supervision then finally authorized to do the procedure. In this particular procedure, the direction was that “two refrigeration operators” would be involved in any oil draining procedure.

It also directed that the appropriate personal protective equipment would be worn. The PPE in this case includes a full face ammonia cartridge mask, chemical resistant gloves, and coveralls. 

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