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From the Technical Department: Thermosyphon Oil Coolers

Thermosyphon oil coolers for compressors have been designed in several ways. It has been a common design for the oil to be circulated through the “shell side” of a shell and tube heat exchanger, while ammonia is circulated through the tube side. These oil coolers are typically ASME pressure vessels and bear an ASME stamp. […]

Avoiding That “Oh No” Moment

Having well thought out and properly used operating procedures is important, but having good plans and people in place in case something goes wrong can make a world of difference. Think back to your own past. Have you ever been doing something and all of a sudden you get this cold queasy feeling in the […]

Safety and Refrigeration Manifold Sight-Glasses

The guidance is clear, if you are a refrigeration engineer and need to leak detect or undertake strength testing on a refrigeration system, then you should not be using a refrigeration manifold with a sight-glass. This is the advice from the HSE – (A Study of Current Working Practices for Refrigeration Field Service Engineers 2011) and […]

Reducing Risks Associated with Hot Gas Defrost and Avoiding the Liquid Hammer Effect

In a paper titled “Research on risk of hot gas defrosting and liquid hammer in ammonia refrigeration,” Yitai Ma and Haoxiang Gu from the Key Laboratory of Efficient Utilization of Low and Medium Grade Energy in China, gave an overview of the safety requirements for ammonia refrigeration. The paper was presented at the Gustav Lorentzen […]

Ammonia Refrigeration and Safety

Star Refrigeration Director, Dr. Andy Pearson talked to ammonia21 about the safety of the ammonia refrigeration industry – and new technologies that will make it even safer – at the 5th edition of the IIR Ammonia Refrigeration Technology Conference, Ohrid, Macedonia. Read the source article at